There are two ways you can be a partner with hungerles.

If you are restaurant who wants to offer 1+ meals per day, you may register as a Restaurant. If you are an individual who wants to feed people occasionally you may register as a Host


Hungerles will not be functional without the constant support of the kind resturants who have agreed to serve our cause of lessening hunger in the planet

  • Restaurants/ food outlets who are committed to providing at least one meal per day for a period
  • Will sign up in the app and have a dedicated account in Hungerles with dashboards and trends
  • Based on the daily contributions they will be recognized with Bronze , Silver and Gold certifications from Hungerles
  • They will also be given a Hungerles stickers to be displayed on the front wall for guests to see
  • Restaurant agree to serve the guests without questioning them and meals are offered as takeaways

Here is a list of all restuarants who have made this possible by offering free food to guests, depending on the number of parcels they deliver they are recognized as follows. You can register as a restaurant in the app

Levels Number of Meals / Day Benefits
Bronze Partner Certificate 1-3 CSR, Visibility, Recognition, Logo CSR, Visibility, Revenue, Logo
Silver Partner Certificate 4-8 CSR, Visibility, Revenue, Logo
Gold Partner Certificate More than 9 CSR, Visibility, Revenue, Logo & Ads


These are the kind hearted individuals who have taken it on themselves to feed the needy, You may simply register as a host and add food occasionally , or choose a restaurant from the list. Any payments have to be directly made to the restaurants

  • Individuals who are ready to sponsor food for the guests/ or cooks extra meals
  • It can be for one specific day, occasion or on a regular basis
  • It can be a home cooked meal, or sponsored from a restaurant , host is motivated to feed the hungry
  • Registers in the platform and enters their home/ station location
  • Notification is sent to volunteers immediately about the availability of food