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a day for free

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Welcome to Hungerles,
We were waiting for You all the while..

Everyday, twice as many people die of hunger than that of corona. Yet our awareness of it is much lesser compared to corona. May be because we have never experienced hunger in our circle or because we simply don’t know what to do about it.. Hungerles comes with a simple yet innovative solution to solve the problem of hunger that has ever been there since the history of human race. In Hungerles we make free food available by connecting restaurants and hosts to the needy guests through the app or physical awareness without involving any money, We have a simple aim of feeding atleast a 100,000 people a day for free.

We believe you coming in to this website was no coincidence. If you know one restaurant who could offer one meal per day or want to become a volunteer, please contact us. Together, we will lessen hunger every day..

How it works

A hungry person whom we call as Guest, or a Volunteer logs in on behalf of Guest, logs in the hungerles and sees a list of food choices nearby sponsored by Restaurants and individual Hosts . Guest simply books his order and picks and enjoys the meal. Hungerles doesn’t take any payments in this process. We just try to feed the maximum number of people connecting the Guests to Hosts and Restaurants , we hope Todays guest will be tomorrow’s Host

Guest is hungry and is in need of food .

He/she or Volunteer puts his location in hungerles

Sees nearest hosts and restaurants

Books the favourite food choice

Picks the food and enjoys the meal

There are only 4 charecters in hungerles + 1


If you are in need of food, you are our guest. Simply search and pick your food choice for free


if you are a Restaurant offering 1+ meals daily, be recognized as a partner for free


If you want to give food once or once in a while, register as a Host for free


If you want to make a difference, be a volunteer and get notified of every opportunity